About Us

What’s happening now…

My dogs are my world & nothing is better than knowing they’re only getting the best when it comes to their dog treats! After hearing about so many recalls, I finally decided just to make my own treats! Now I know EXACTLY what they are eating & you’ll get that peace of mind too when you try treats from Beans ‘N Bones! I’ll never go back to store bought again! I’m happy with my choice (and so are my dogs!) 🙂


What’s to come…

For now, I’m making treats, but would someday like to open up a dog cafe; a place where owners can come with their furry friend(s), grab some coffee, maybe a book, and just relax! This cafe will mainly be for the dogs! Why shouldn’t they be pampered too?!?! With treats galore to choose from, your dog(s) will be beyond spoiled! That’s how it should be, right?! 🙂

Buy Local!

Please check out our Events page for locations to stop in,  see us, & stock up!