Support Our Dreams

Hi! My name is Jen & I’m the owner of Beans ‘N Bones. My dogs are my world! Being scared by all of the recalls in the pet industry, I decided to just start making my own treats one day. Our dogs are family. I didn’t want to take the chance of feeding them random treats & later hearing that they were recalled and made them sick…or WORSE! By making my own, I finally knew exactly what they were eating! I’ll never buy store bought again & I’m very happy with that decision! (And so are our dogs!)

I started Beans ‘N Bones to not only provide healthy, homemade treats for our own dogs, but to make them available for many others too. While I currently make this possible, I’m ready to take this business of mine to the next level…a dog-friendly cafe! Thus my name, Beans ‘N Bones! (a combination of 2 things I love dearly-coffee & DOGS!)

This cafe will be aimed to cater to dogs! It will be a place where dog-lovers alike can go get a cup of coffee, grab a book, relax with their furry friend, & stock up on healthy, homemade dog treats with ingredients they know!

I also plan on having designated times where local animal shelters can bring in dogs that are currently available for adoption for meet & greets and to hopefully find them their forever homes.

In order to make this happen, I need your help! As a great friend of mine once told me, ” Most people don’t become successful on their own. They have a lot of folks helping them along the way.” I’m taking her advice and asking for just that…your help to make this dream of mine a reality!

Please consider making a donation to my future dog cafe! Thank you in advance and know that your donation means so much!

Click the following link or the image below to donate now :