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$20 Monthly Treat Subscription  Have fresh, homemade treats with ingredients you know, no preservatives or additives that may make your dog(s) sick in the long run, and extra health benefits to them too delivered right to your home! A $6.00 shipping fee is applied each month. (We’re pitching in on part of the shipping to make sure your dog is getting healthy treats & you are getting the peace of mind knowing EXACTLY what are in them!) Does your dog have special dietary needs??? No problem! Gluten Free & Grain Free options are available!!!

This is a subscription on the loosest of terms meaning there is no set term to be in it. You pay month to month. You can cancel anytime, BUT your dog(s) probably won’t approve!!! 😉

The only difference between the packages available is the amt. of treats in each.  ($12=approximately 1 lb., $15=approximately 1.5 lbs., $20=approximately 2 lbs. of treats) No matter what option you choose, we include approx. 3-4 varieties of treats in each one. Your dog(s) will also get special treats & a toy on his/her birthday month & the same in the month of December as a part of being a treat subscriber. Being a monthly treat subscriber also means that you can purchase subscription add-ons that are posted on our facebook page for our subscribers  ( and you can purchase any of our “Dog Gone It” treat bags. whenever we have one. (treats that spent a little too much time in the oven (OOPS!) as we forgot to set the timer or treats that broke or cracked and are still good. Instead of throwing them away, we sell them at a discounted rate. These & the add-ons are available to subscribers only! Just another perk to being one! 🙂

(Picture shown is for medium/large dogs-treat sizes are based on your dog’s size and if your pack has a variety of sizes, they get a fair amount of treats for each size!)

Additional information

Weight 26 oz
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 7 in


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