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Why it may just be ok if your dog “Goes Bananas!!!”

Why it may just be ok if your dog “Goes Bananas!!!”

You might just want to share the banana you’re having for breakfast with your pup! Here’s why:

Bananas are FULL of vitamins!!! They have a good amount of potassium & vitamin B6! Potassium helps your pup to maintain a healthy blood pressure by regulating their blood flow, can help reduce calcium loss from their bones, and can increase their bone strength. Vitamin B6 also helps regulate blood flow & can promote cognitive function by keeping their mind sharp too! The magnesium in bananas can help them maintain strong muscles and Vitamin C can help boost resistance to sickness!

With all of these benefits, you can see why bananas are a great snack to share with your dog. (BUT don’t overdue it! Overfeeding can result in upset tummies! Plus, bananas contain a lot of natural sugars & starches! It’s important to control their portions and not to overfeed!)

***I am by no means a veterinarian, but this information and more is available for all to read online. I just thought I’d share a little of what I have read. ***

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