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Pumpkin…Why it’s one of my favorite treat ingredients…

Of the 30-some dog treat options I make, what ingredient do I use the most??? That’s an easy one: PUMPKIN!!!

Let me ask you this: do you know how great pumpkin is for your dog??? If not, read on & I’ll share what I know about this wonderful ingredient & why you should be using more of it.

Pumpkin can benefit dogs in a number of ways. (We’re talking about canned pumpkin puree, NOT the pie filling!)

The #1 reason is it’s a great digestive aid:

  • It slows digestion.  Have a dog who is ALWAYS hungry? Add some pumpkin puree in with his or her food! It’s great for “bulking up” your pet’s food & will make your dog (or cat! Yes, it’s safe for them too!) feel fuller longer due to all the fiber it contains!
  • It’s low in calories. For this reason, it can help aid in weight loss too! (Just substitute 1/4 a cup of pumpkin puree for your dog’s normal dog food to cut down on some calories!)
  • As it’s full of fiber, it can help with constipation too!

Pumpkin can boost your dog’s immune system: 

  • It contains Vitamin C. As we all know, Vitamin C helps boost our immune system. Well, it does the same for our dogs too!
  • Dogs with joint problems need more Vitamin C than what they normally produce. Since pumpkin contains Vitamin C, it’s a good source of a little extra!

It improves their skin & coat too:

  • The zinc found in pumpkin improves their skin & coat!

When you’re roasting the seeds, save some for Spike too: (just don’t add salt to his!)

  • Pumpkin seeds are a great source of fiber, carbohydrates, and protein
  • They can be a natural de-worming agent! The seeds contain cucurbitin which is an amino acid found in the seeds that can paralyze a parasite
  • Oils found in the seeds are believed to support urinary health, so dogs with urinary incontinence could benefit from the addition of pumpkin added to their diet

***For all of you who have cats, the fiber in pumpkin can help with furballs too! Adding about a teaspoon a day into your cat’s food will help keep those furballs off your carpet & right into their litter! TMI, right?!?! Well, if it does just that, it’s worth sharing!

As you can see, pumpkin is a wonderful ingredient! You can see why I use it so much! If you want more tips on healthy ingredients for your pets, stay tuned!

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a vet, I repeat, I am NOT a vet. These are some facts I’ve found based on research I’ve done when looking for ingredients to use with added health benefits. This should not be used as a replacement to medications recommended by your veterinarian!

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